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Oct. 13th, 2009 | 01:49 am

15 Star Trek (2009) Gag Reel icons

2. 9. 15.

NERO SHRIMP!Collapse )

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Hey! I Need Help Over Here!

Sep. 25th, 2009 | 11:35 pm

I'm going to do a challenge for myself where I have to include lines from empowered female songs into Trek fan fic. I want 25 lyrics (one for each story)...and I would love to hear from you guys as to which ones you'd like to see.

Just gimme a lyric (or two!) from a song where the woman is totally HBIC. I got you started with 15 of the 25.

The ones I have so far (if there are better "requests" I will gladly take some of these out):

1. "Don't play with me 'cause what goes around, comes around, and what goes up, must go down." Karma Alicia Keys

2. "He had it coming. He only had himself to blame." Cellblock Tango Chicago

3. "I'm addicted to the thrill. It's a dangerous love affair." Run This Town Jay-Z/Rihanna/Kanye West

4. "I've got a bad boy and that's all right with me." Dirty Laundry Bitter:Sweet

5. "Russian roulette is not the same without a gun." Pokerface Lady Gaga

6. "I told you I was trouble. You know that I'm no good." You Know That I'm No Good Amy Winehouse

7. "Don't treat me to the things of the world. I'm not that kind of girl." Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Beyonce

8. "Why keep denying everything you say? Everything you do?" Denying Spice Girls (COMPLETELY necessary; definition of girl power)

9. "What's the fun in playin' it safe? Wouldn't you rather misbehave?" Dirty Laundry Bitter:Sweet

10. "There's only two types of guys out there: the ones that can hang with me and the ones that are scared." Circus Britney Spears

11. "You tell me I'm wrong? Then you gotta prove you're right." Scream Michael & Janet Jackson

12. "I know I'm diving into my own destruction." Bathwater No Doubt

13. "Yes, I know what I am. And I don't give a damn." Keeps Gettin' Better Christina Aguilera

14. "I'm just a girl. My apologies." Just a Girl No Doubt

15. "I'm gonna get in trouble. I wanna start a fight." So What? Pink

16. "No one on the corner has swagger like us." Paper Planes MIA (via a friend not on LJ)

17. "Get your back against the wall. Put your hands up, Mr. Small." Trouble Bitter:Sweet (via ramblingchinita)









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...Well, Hot Damn.

Sep. 3rd, 2009 | 11:18 am

The budget still has to be okayed with this website client I'm working with (please be good for you, please be good for you) but it looks like as of now, I have two little freelance jobs! Yay!

- A website for a kid's juice company
- An illustration in a couple different forms for a design firm I tried to get into awhile ago

I just called the second one. Gave me a picture of hands that I'm supposed to illustrate for a logo but wants maybe one design where it's male and female hands then one design where its man and child hands then another one with mixed race hands...

I was like, "Okay, a good solid couple hours or more...but I want to make good with this guy, get some ins, maybe get more little freelance jobs in my direction...we'll go with $80."

He almost died choking on his tongue, pretty much. He thought it was a bit expensive. A bit too close to the budget.

I was like, "Umm, hi, even beginners hafta charge a bit!" Because I have to do a few sets of hands and then make sure these files are ready for different types of printing, I'm going to give it 2.5 hours at the shortest. If I did 2.5 at $30, that's $75. It's probably gonna take me a bit longer than that because I have to do them then send them to him then see what he wants changed and stuff...there's going to be changes. $80 was a nice low estimate and a lot of freelancers wouldn't DARE charge $30 an hour; they'd go higher. I'm starting out and trying to make connections.

That's cheap.

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Daily 200-Drabble: Moving Day

Aug. 26th, 2009 | 08:13 pm

Today's Wiki article: Natalie Clifford Barney
Today's prompt: expatriate
Title: Moving Day
Characters: Gaila
Rating: G
Summary: Gaila sets foot on earth for the first time.

She knew most Orions didn't choose this path, but she didn't know none of them did.Collapse )

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Daily Non-200-Drabble: Third Base

Aug. 12th, 2009 | 04:10 pm

Whoa, sorry guys, for not doing one of these in ten days! I made up for it, though, by actually making it long. There was no way I'd be able to do this in 200 words

Today's Wiki article: PNC Park
Today's prompt: Baseball field
Title: Third Base
Characters: Kirk, Gaila
Rating: PG
Summary: Kirk meets Gaila when they face each other an intramural baseball game.
A/N: Since the baseball field that inspired today's entry is actually home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, I reallllly tried to make this work for Spock (Pittsburgh is ZQ's hometown) but I just couldn't get it to work as well as this one did.

He was always keeping his eye on both the ball and rival team members, moving before anyone or anything's actions were clearly defined. Collapse )

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"The Wake is Slow to Rise" - Spock/Uhura - PG

Aug. 6th, 2009 | 01:09 pm

Title: The Wake is Slow to Rise
characters: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Spock enjoys all of the details of Uhura's morning mannerisms.
Warning: I brought cotton candy for you all because I hope you enjoy fluff. There's a tonnnn of it in here.

Inspiration: I listened to "Daughter of the Sun" by Matthew Santos the entire time I wrote this. I hope you take a listen, at least for a few seconds. It sets a great mood for the story.

I was also inspired by someone's story (I forgot which one, sorry!) where Spock paid careful attention to every little detail of Uhura's movements. This is also a response of sorts to a drabble I wrote recently called "How Could You Forget?" where Spock remembers details.

He is intent on just watching her as she becomes fully awake, taking in every nuance of her movements and her traditions.Collapse )

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Daily 200-Drabble: Dismay

Aug. 3rd, 2009 | 01:51 am

Today's Wiki article: Michael Gomez
Today's prompt: Boxing
Title: Dismay
Characters: Kirk, Spock
Rating: G
Summary: Kirk is hit in the head right before returning to the Enterprise, and his resulting concussion causes problems in the transporter room.
A/N: "Creatures (For Awhile)" by 311 is the greatest song to write fights to.

Shirt ripped and shoulder bleeding, Kirk held held onto his throbbing head and stumbled around the transporter room.Collapse )

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Daily 200-Drabble: Why One Should Never Golf With James T. Kirk

Aug. 1st, 2009 | 03:27 pm

Today's Wiki article: Don Tallon
Today's prompt: Club sports
Title: Why One Should Never Golf With James t. Kirk
Characters: Kirk, McCoy
Rating: G
Summary: When Kirk and McCoy hit up the Enterprise's virtual golf course, Kirk's old ways are brought up.
A/N: I know absolutely nothing about cricket and I'd hate to try to write on it. I switched it to golf in honor of my restaurant's annual golf outing, which is happening today.

Now, Bonesy, I was aiming for those people. They were disrupting my golf game with their laughter.Collapse )

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Daily 200-Drabble: A Surprising Bedroom Guest

Jul. 29th, 2009 | 11:18 pm

Today's Wiki article: Lady Gregory Augusta
Today's prompt: Old School Poetry
Title: A Surprising Bedroom Guest
Characters: Kirk, Chapel
Rating: PG
Summary: Kirk visits Chapel so he pick up...his guilty pleasure.
A/N: TOS!Kirk was into Shakespeare and our new Kirk has a degree in English...I figured this fit well.

No, he hadn't visited the girl from two nights ago (what was her name again?).Collapse )

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Daily 200-Drabble: How Could You Forget?

Jul. 28th, 2009 | 05:51 pm

Today's Wiki article: Hippocampus
Today's prompt: long-term memory
Title: How Could You Forget?
Characters: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG
Summary: Spock brings up a memory from long ago, but Uhura can't remember it.

If it was so intentional, how could she forget it? Collapse )

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