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I got a fever and the only prescription is more ZQ
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30 rock, a man named zach, alternative, apple, ballet, being a beer snob, being a damn fool, being a dork, being a foodie, being a fucking hipster, being a kirk, being a trekkie, being flexible, being young forever, best coast, big bang theory, bison, black and white, blogging, bob dylan, bold jewelry, boutiques, breaking bad, buzzed giggles, carbonation, cats, celebrity gossip, chocolate, cocky old people, coffee, coke zero, collecting shoes, color, color porn, com truise, converse, daft punk, dance, denison witmer, design, detroit lions, detroit red wings, detroit tigers, dexter, drug movies, electronic, feeling close to god, firefly, foil stamping, folk, frank sinatra, funny boys, gettin' skinny, getting a buzz, golden girls, great playoff seats, half-italian-half-irish, hand lettering, hands-on design, harry potter, head-turning shoes, heels, heroes, hibernating, high contrast, hip hop, identity systems, italian men, italy, jazz, johnny cash, kanye west, kid cudi, lady gaga, las vegas, laughing too hard, lazy summer sunday, lean muscles, leg warmers, living life, low-fi rock, lupe fiasco, mad men, making a bold statement, making out, man figure, manatees, massages, match game, matthew santos, meeting new people, memories, michael buble, michigan beers, mob movies, my city, nerd cred, old cartoons, old game shows, one in every color, overgrown fields, palm trees, period pieces, photography, print making, psychological thrillers, quinto comma zachary, quoting movies, rain, random photographs, returning to my roots, rickman's velvety voice, running, sans serif, sci-fi, sex and the city, slab serif, sparkly things, specialty bars, sports, sports history, star trek, stretching, stripes, stylesheets, summer, sunshine, tall-dark-mysterious, the 8 am sun, the eff word, the grid, thunderstorms, top 40, traveling, tron, typography, unexpected color combos, useless trivia, vacations, vintage, warm weather, we are trees, well-dressed men, whiskey, who you calling program?, wine, writing, yoga, zachary quinto