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I Wrote Something? Wow...

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Dec. 1st, 2009 | 09:47 pm

Title: Untitled
characters: Gaila, Uhura, mentions of Spock
Rating: light R (sexual situations, language)
Summary: When Uhura comes home floating, Gaila needs to know who is making her act like that.
Inspiration: prompt of "His eyes have made love to me all evening." for where_no_woman

As the door to her dorm opened, Gaila's head snapped up. She had been wallowing through numerous PADDs in preparation for the largest test of her life, and she was thrilled to see Uhura return. She needed a break; she was hoping to convince Uhura to participate in a game similar to Earth's dominos.

"Thank God, you're finally home!" she said as she saw Uhura walk in and put her bag up on a hook on the wall. Gaila pushed the PADDs onto her pillow and moved from the position on her stomach to one where she was sitting on her feet. "I've been looking at various planetary decrees for over four hours now and I'm not sure I can take any more of it! Want to play some—"

Gaila stopped suddenly when she noticed that Uhura was singing softly to herself. She was also singing utter nonsense—not a single "word" Uhura sang was in standard, Gaila thought. She was pretty well versed in standard, having learned it from the time she was able to start forming words. She had no clue what these words meant. Could they be in another language? "Nyota, what the hell are you saying? Is it in Klingon? Andorian?" When she didn't respond, Gaila threw her hands angrily onto her bare thighs, making a loud sound reverberate through their small dorm room. Uhura still didn't acknowledge her roommate. "Hey! You! Are you listening to me?! I want to know what I've done that makes it so you can't even acknowledge my prese—"

Uhura turned around after taking a couple of PADDs from her canvas bag. She seemed startled to see her roommate and it wasn't just because she was wearing a large, see-through tee shirt with her red curls piled on the very top of her head. "Oh, Gaila!"

Gaila opened her mouth in shock; how could she not hear her own roommate yelling at her? "What the hell?! I've been talking to you for the past ten minutes and you're just now realizing I'm here?!" Gaila stood up quickly and stomped her right foot and crossed her arms over her chest. "I know I wasn't whispering because you're always telling me I'm talking too loudly!"

Uhura continued to "ignore" Gaila as she walked into the main part of the small dorm room. Walked wasn't really the world; Gaila thought Nyota practically floated over to her bed. She seemed so calm; there was a light, warm smile across her face, her eyes glistened and every move she made seemed like she was floating in a zero-gravity simulator. Gaila raised one red eyebrow and started tapping her foot as Uhura carefully placed the PADDs on her bedside table then gracefully flung herself onto her bed. When she sighed slowly, her roommate had enough. Gaila threw her hands in the air in disgust. The reason for this behavior was obvious to Gaila. She knew Nyota Uhura like the back of her hand.

"Who now?" she spat, walking to Uhura's bed and sitting down on the edge. Uhura slowly pushed off one boot with her toes, then the other. She kicked them off the bed and sighed again.

"Who what?"

"Who slipped you a freakin' love potion again? The only time I've ever seen you like this is when you've come back from some 'amazing' date with a bundle of roses that you spend the next four hours smelling. I swear, lust makes you weird. Humans."

Uhura said nothing as she finally looked at the green girl sitting on the edge of your bed. She blinked a couple of times before letting the smile on her face widen. "I'm never like—"

"Do not deny it," Gaila said, lifting one finger to silence her roommate. "You are all women-are-just-as-powerful-as-men and serious business for 24 hours a day, seven days a week...but you get your head in love-filled clouds and you become an entirely different woman. Who. Is. He."

"No one," Uhura sighed. It wasn't very convincing.

Gaila threw her hands up in disgust again. "Do I have to force it out of you? I know that exams are coming up and you're spending all of your moments in a daze. This is very unlike you. He must be special. Does he have a huge—"


"What?" Gaila shrugged, feigning innocence.

Uhura rolled her eyes as she turned on her side so her body was facing Gaila's. She put both of her hands under her head and tried to hold back yet another sigh. Gaila sighed as well, but hers was out of pure irritation. "Nyottttta..."

"I just..."

Gaila, never one to be shy about anything, leaned over Uhura's body and put her face about a foot from her love-struck roommate. Uhura slowly turned over onto her back and raised her own set of eyebrows. "I'm going to have to force this out of you one step at a time. Step one: weren't you studying for one of your linguistics tests tonight? The one with the Mr. Strong-And-Silent-Type?"

"No, I was actually grading tests."

"Oh, so you were with Mr. Strong-and-Silent-Type." Gaila smirked. She was getting somewhere. "So, this narrows it down. It was a guy in that building...Brenden Michaels frequents that building. He's quite the charmer. Was it him? No, I hear he's got a blonde these days. She's got nothing on you, though, so it..."

Gaila slowed to a stop as she realized that Uhura—once again—was staring into space. She ran her upper teeth across her lower lip. Gaila had seen that before...she knew...

"No way."

Uhura was knocked instantly out of her trance. "No what?"

"I've only seen you bite your lip once or twice before and it was when that pointy-earred professor of yours reprimanded you!" She gasped, contorted her face in shock, then stood up and walked away from Uhura's bed. Gaila moved her hands wildly and fidgeted. What a weird idea; it can't be right!

Gaila snapped her head back around to her stunned roommate. "You fucked Spock before I got to? I told you I called dibs on him!"

"What?!" Uhura shrieked, getting to her feet. Gaila walked back over to her, once again invading Uhura's bubble. She opened her mouth four times to speak before she could finally say what was racing through her mind.

"You messed up while grading papers or came in late or something and he 'punished' you with sex!"

"What?! What are you talking about?"

"You are a naughty girl," Gaila said, raising that one finger again and waving it in Uhura's face. "I knew you had it in you...madly impressed you got him to break, though...I've been trying for months..."

"I didn't...not...no!"

"Listen to you stutter! You're such a bad liar, Ny!" Gaila giggled and she lightly pushed on Uhura's shoulders. It caught Uhura by surprise and she went falling back onto her bed. Gaila joined her. "So, how is he? I bet he's really good—"

Uhura furrowed her forehead and it caused Gaila to stop. Was she going to admit to it? Oh, this is going to be good...

"We didn't have sex," Uhura said quickly. However, It was too quick to really be believed. Gaila let the smirk take over her face again. Just as she was about to say something, Uhura shut her up with a finger of her own. "No, we didn't do that either."

"Well, something happened because you were on cloud nine when you practically waltzed into this room. Did he recite Vulcan poetry to you or something? Speak up!"

"It wasn't that," she whispered, once again staring off into space. "We...I was at one desk and he was at the other. We were basically facing each other. I couldn't help it, I kept shooting glances at him—"

"Well, finally got you to admit you're attracted to him. It's a start. Go on," Gaila interrupted, waving both of her hands as a gesture to have her continue.

"I was trying not to, though! He's a Vulcan and a professor and I'm his student and...but..."

Gaila was burning with anticipation. She loved juicy bits of gossip like this, especially when it was so forbidden.

"...But every time I looked at him, I noticed he was already looking at me."

Gaila straightened her posture and tilted her head to the right for just a second, as if she was picking her brain. The corners of her mouth turned skyward again, and she raised both her eyebrows for just a second. "So, in an incredibly awesome turn of events, it turns out that Vulcans can feel attraction."

Uhura ignored her sex-driven roommate or didn't hear her, one of the two. She let herself rest her head back on the pillow and she slowly bent one knee and moved her foot like she was just itching to move, itching to have this weird feeling come out of her. She bit her lip again; Gaila smiled. She totally leapt across the desk and sucked his face off or something.

"His eyes have made love to me all evening."

Gaila was rendered speechless. It was a pretty rare accomplishment. Uhura deserved a statue in a town square for that one.

"His eyes...well, his posture, the way he walks, the way he talks...it's all Vulcan...but his eyes...his eyes are so Human. There was so much there. So much beauty. So much—dare I say it—emotion..."

Gaila was still speechless.

"And there was one instance where I had looked at the clock then we caught eyes...and a whole couple of minutes passed..."

That was enough. Gaila had words now. "Okay, okay, hold up, hold up. So, one: you're telling me that he eye-fucked you. Two: you're telling me you can see Human in his eyes? I've been trying to make eye contact with that man for months and those eyes are just dead pools of logic. Three: what kind of man doesn't initiate anything? Four: what the hell are you doing, not crawling over to him then straddling him in his chair and calling him 'Professor' and getting him to do dirty things to you on his desk?"

"Your fantasy. Not mine," Uhura said with a low, irritated tone in her voice.

"Are you serious? Half the girls on this campus want to crack that hard, cold, cruel exterior of his and get him to use all of that pent-up emotion on their rickety dorm beds on a Friday night."

Uhura sighed. "It's so much more than that; he's so much more than that."

Gaila pretty much jumped back. She then breathed in heavily with her mouth open, staring at Uhura. "This...this wasn't lust this time? You're actually in love"? You're in love with a Vulcan that happens to be your professor and you didn't even tell me?" Uhura didn't respond, other than giving her roommate puppy eyes.

"I...I can't...you're in love with a Vulcan! I need time to process this."

And with very wobbly steps, a very confused and shaken Orion walked to the bathroom and closed the door. She had completely forgotten about her test and had forgotten about the game; the fact that her roommate was in love with something that she didn't think could feel was a brain-jarring moment.

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Comments {4}


(no subject)

from: sparkly_stuff
date: Dec. 2nd, 2009 03:49 am (UTC)

This is so cute! I can see Gaila and Uhura having this conversation and can totally imagine Gaila's face XD Nice job bb!

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I got a fever and the only prescription is more ZQ

(no subject)

from: forthisreason
date: Dec. 2nd, 2009 04:11 am (UTC)

Thank you very much! I like my Gaila to be that best friend that is intelligent and trustworthy but makes you facepalm and tell everyone that you have no clue of who she is from time to time. XD

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(no subject)

from: helvidia_p
date: Dec. 2nd, 2009 04:59 am (UTC)

This is so perfect and adorable and I especially love your Gaila! Also well-done: the suspense over how far Uhura has gotten with Spock builds and builds. I'm afraid if I started quoting favorite lines, I wouldn't stop, so I'll just say again that I loved it.

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I got a fever and the only prescription is more ZQ

(no subject)

from: forthisreason
date: Dec. 2nd, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)

Aww! Thanks for the comment! I squealed.

I hope to write more Gaila soon now that I'm back in a writing mood again.

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